New Deal for webmasters pushing Penis Systems, and affiliates of Street Bucks

If you're promoting either of these programs submit your site in the usual way and add "PS" or "SB" after your contact name, if you go on to join later then email me requesting a preferred partner listing, you'll not only get a "Hot" listing in your chosen sections but your site will be placed on the front page as "site of the moment" (rotating with the other preferred partner sites) the only other requirement is that our html/button is placed in a fairly decent place on your site, not buried in a link page. The site of the moment link has proven to be our most visited link.Want more details? Send email.


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Rules For Site Listings

A reciprocal link is required, text links are fine and can be anywhere on your site as long as it can be reached within 3 pages from the front. Remember the top referers get front page placement.

We will only link to the main start page of you site usually index.htm no multiple index pages eg index1 index2 index3 these do nothing for us.

All sites are checked by hand. If we cant find your link you wont get posted so make sure its somewhere we can get to it. If our link is removed your site will be also.

All sites must be in English, legal (No beasty, No children) and of decent quality no circle jerks / banner farms. 1 console is acceptable. They must provide the surfer with some entertainment

No clones, if you have several sites thats fine but we dont want dozens of sites all pretty much the same.

The Reciprocal Link

Use this link

Link to S.F.F.'s Free Porn Pictures. URL = http://www.swingforfun.f9.co.uk/sff-links/index.htm

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  Dye to excessive spam of the submission form, form submission has been temporarily disabled while we track it down. Please send us details of your site Title, Description, Url.



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